Aaron is a pompous express engine. 

Some attributes
First 4
Second "A0" Pacific
Third Sir Nigel Gresley
Other attributes
Fourth Doncaster Works
Fifth 4-6-2
Sixth TBA


Aaron is a troublemaking, funny, and abusive express engine. He will sometimes push Phoebe roughly when she bothers him. Aaron mainly being seen with Bennie, Ohochi, Jaylen, Jalen, Darrell, Bryce, DJ, Phoebe, Desera, Chasity, Alexandria or Eric. He have a frenemy relationship with Chasity, since she act like she liberal and know a lot.

Bio in the television seriesEdit

In the movie, Aaron was first seen in a brief cameo in the time when DJ and other went to the Wright Level Building. Then Aaron was seen again with the troublemaking engine and that when DJ met them and cause him trouble. Aaron is one of the half honest engine in the group.

In the television series, Aaron had light up a bit and became a role model to the littler engine.


Aaron is a black engine with blue linings


Aaron is a Sir Nigel Gresley's A1 Pacific



  • Season 16 - Bennie Knows All, Ochochi and the Choir, Jaylen and Jalen, Silence Doesn't Clear The Smokes, Eric and the Express, DJ and Aaron, Peace and Quiet, Aaron Pulls The Goods Train, and Hillside Accident
  • Season 17 - Alex and the Monster of Wright Railway, The Silver Lining, Donya the Diesel, Louise The Great, DJ Helps Out, Aaron take the Longway, Dillion Made A Mistake, and Heroes (does not speak)
  • Season 18 - Danger Ahead, Eric and Bennie, The Flood, Jalen's Troublesome Plans, Bennie and the Special Special and The DJ Way 
  • Season 19 - Wishes Are True, Chassidy the Leader (cameo), and The Big Christmas Party


Video GamesEdit