Brianna is a gray tank engine

Some attributes
First SR USA Class
Second Howard G. Hill
Third Vulcan Iron Works
Other attributes
Fourth 0-6-0T


Brianna is a lay-back, easy going, and friendly tank engine. She always have Bryce and Eric on her tanks. She mainly seen with Bryce, Eric, Aaron, DJ, Bennie, Rocquel, or Samuel. She give engines good advice and they always listen to it.

Bio in the television seriesEdit

Well Brianna had a three cameo in the movie along with Rocquel.

In the television series, Brianna mainly be seen in the quarry or the yards.


Brianna is a lighter gray color with white linings.


Brianna is a SR USA Class 0-6-0T; she has a taller funnel than the rest of the class.



  • Season 16 - Bennie Knows All (cameo), Ochochi and the Choir (cameo), Jaylen and Jalen (doesn't speak), Silence Doesn't Clear The Smokes, Eric and the Express, DJ and Aaron, Peace and Quiet (mentioned), Aaron Pulls The Goods Train, and Hillside Accident
  • Season 17 - Alex and the Monster of Wright Railway (mentioned), The Silver Lining, Donya the Diesel (doesn't speak), Louise The Great, DJ Helps Out, Aaron take the Longway, Dillion Made A Mistake (cameo), and Heroes (does not speak)
  • Season 18 - Danger Ahead, Eric and Bennie (cameo), The Flood, Jalen's Troublesome Plans, Bennie and the Special Special and The DJ Way 
  • Season 19 - Clarke and DJ, Noah Goes To Wright Railway, Sydney Know Best, and Phoebe Stays (cameo)


Video GamesEdit


  • Brianna enjoy being around Samuel could possible relationship.
  • Brianna likes when the boy engine stand up for her.