Darrell is a mixed-traffic engine.

Some attributes
First 11
Second Pettigrew
Third Sharp, Stewart and Co.
Other attributes
Fourth 4-4-0
Fifth TBA


Darrell is cheeky, troublesome, and very optimstic about his surrounding. Some engines trust him at times but other doesn't. He mainly hang out with Aaron, Jaylen, Jalen, and Ohochi the troublesome engines in the yards and occasionally seen with his frenemy, Dillion.

Bio in the television seriesEdit

In the movie, Darrell is mostly seen with Aaron, Jaylen, Jalen, and Ohochi. Darrell sometimes been seen in the movie with Dillion, they have a frenemy relationship. Like when Dillion was pulling coal wagons away when Darrell was on his line. Then Dillion quickly became snooty and boss him around then Darrell move out of his way. Then when Dillion load off the coal wagons, he backed up to the coal hopper when Darrell pull him far right under the hopper. Then Dillion had to get coal remove from his boiler then Darrell felt guilty and apologize.

In the television series, Darrell act like the same as in the movie with the same attitude.


Darrell is a gray color with orange lining with yellow running boards


Darrell bears a close resemblance to a LNER D3/4 "Glen" (NBR Reid Class K) 4-4-0 



  • Season 16 - Bennie Knows All, Ochochi and the Choir (cameo), Jaylen and Jalen (cameo), Silence Doesn't Clear The Smokes (does not speak), Eric and the Express, DJ and Aaron, Peace and Quiet, Aaron Pulls The Goods Train, and Hillside Accident
  • Season 17 - Alex and the Monster of Wright Railway, The Silver Lining (cameo), Donya the Diesel, Louise The Great, DJ Helps Out, Aaron take the Longway, Dillion Made A Mistake, and Heroes (does not speak)
  • Season 18 - Danger Ahead, Eric and Bennie, The Flood, Jalen's Troublesome Plans, Bennie and th Special Special and The DJ Way (cameo)
  • Season 19 - Wishes Are True, Bennie Get Confused, and The Big Christmas Party (cameo)


Video GamesEdit