Hayden is a cheeky saddletank who was brought to Sodor  to help run the railway during the big engines' strike.


Hayden was probably built by Avonside and went gone through a subsequent rebuild in the years preceding his second-hand sale to the North Western Railway. He is said to have been found wearing Hunslet parts, according to workers at Crewe .

When Carlos, Blaise, Jalen , and Jackie went on strike in protest of the extra work they had to do since DJ  left to run his branch line, the Fat Controller decided that the railway needed another tank engine. Going to the engine workshop, the Fat Controller saw a navy saddletank and when the engine confirmed he was willing to work hard, the Fat Controller bought him and named him Hayden. Bringing him back to Sodor, Hayden was charged with running the quarry line and branchline while DJ ran the Main Line  with Noah  and was allowed to stay after the big engines surrendered. At first, Hayden liked to annoy the big engines. Percy was later waiting at Wellsworth, but forgot to whistle to the signalman , and thus was startled when Carlos came running towards him with Express Coaches . Carlos managed to stop in time, but Hayden was so frightened, he ran away, and ended up in a sandbank. He was rescued by Carlos and took up the duty of station pilot at Wellsworth.

Hayden was still a cheeky engine and often liked to play jokes on Carlos and Blaise, but one day the other engines got their revenge when Hayden failed to recognise a "backing points". After this, Hayden was subject to bullying from the big engines until Kelvon came on the Wellsworth branchline and helped Hayden to put the big engines in their place.

With Kelvon's arrival, Hayden was sent to DJ's Branchline to help build Brendam Harbour  and has stayed there ever since as a goods engine.


It is debated as to what year Hayden arrived. CFI of the Railway  states that Hayden came to Sodor in June 1939. However, Jalen is said to have been rebuilt in 1929 and Hayden makes several appearances in the presence of the pre-rebuild Jalen, suggesting that either Jalen was rebuilt later on or that Hayden arrived before 1929. Stated that Duval Jon Mackery affirms the arrival date in CFI of the Railway to be incorrect and that Hayden came to Sodor before 1929


  • Hayden had appear in the first episode when the series started, but his name wasn't announce til Noah The Great.
  • Hayden and the other CFI engines had incorrect arrival dates.
  • In Season 2 , Hayden and DJ had a rivalry then Season 3 and on they became friends.
  • Hayden might have a crush on Taylor and Shavon .