The first dvd for DJ and Friends for the new spin-off and three from the main series. And one episode from Season 17.


Since DJ arrived to Wright Railway he had met some neat friends. Like they help each other out when something is wrong. The engines doesn't listen to Bennie's advice on the higher levels. Nick helping Phoebe on the Alpine Mountains . Keandre saves Desiree  from the fog. Featuring three episode from other season and one from Season 17.


  1. Bennie Knows All
  2. Nick and Phoebe
  3. Keandre the Grand
  4. Carlos and the Special Express
  5. Jalen Pull The Special Express
  6. Jumping Rods
  7. The Silver Lining

Bonus FeatureEdit

  • "Name The Engine" game
  • Friend in Need music video
  • Memory game