The New CGI Series is the newer type of CGI used in DJ and Friends season 20-onwards.

Season 20Edit

Season 20 was mainly focused on returning engines that wasn't seen for a while and new engines that was introduced from Wright Railway. Gerad, Taydeeth, Josh, AJ, Gaberiel, Ramona, Bloom, Kevin, Victor, Melanie, Evan, Adalee, Israel, Ikia, Alliyah, Emily, Shavon, Elijah, Grant, Mateo, Nate, Niria, Regine, Logan, Janiya, Brice, Khordae, Maurice, Alania, Alani, DeQuan, Oscar, Malcolm, King Darwin, and Bryce returned to the series. Hayley, Rockie, Kasia, Elizabeth, and Briana first appearance in the series, Ohajee and Aaron last appearance.


  • CFI Quarry returned with less track layouts and different placement.
  • Mine Mountain Quarry returned.
  • The Flying Trout returned with more freight.
  • Sodor Steamwork returned.
  • Ulfstead Castle & Yards returned.
  • Wright Quarry returned.

Season 21Edit

Season 21 featured old favorites to the railway and new favorites. More of Sodor from the classic and new series will be presence from now on. Oliver, Della, Naccodda, Rodney, Camyran, Zyquane, Emily (WR), Donya, Aaron, Serenity, & Samuel returned to the series. This marks Jaboree and Jaffey first appearance in the television series. Amanda, Tyron, Zaquary, & Chelsey first appearance in the series.


  • Sodor Quarry first appearance in the television series.
  • Sodor Shunting Yards returned.
  • Smelters Yards returned.
  • Engine Sheds returned.
  • Caspian Seas Station first appearance in the series.
  • Sodor Dieselworks returned.
  • Vicarstown returned.
  • Darwin Station returned.
  • Crewe mentioned.

Season 22Edit

Season 22 was more of a continuation of Fort Sodor, lots of newer engines arrived and long-time old favorites. Siamea, Haley, Malcolm, JerJuan, Robert, Trevon, Lily, Vic, Tom, Victoria, Emma, Jason, Damian, Will, Izzy, Hayley, Rockie, Colin, and Jackie returns to the series. Carlos, James, Angie, Nakia, Jon, Quintin, Marquelle, and Scott first appearance in the series. Kevin, Addy, Troy, Hannah, Keshawn, Silas, Ja'Len, Jalen (Visitor), Marshall, Altaveis, and Chason will appear onwards in the series.


  • Engine Works first appearance in the series.
  • Fort Sodor first appearance in the television series.
  • Ulfstead Bridge returns.
  • Town Hall returns.
  • Boch Island returns.
  • Zoey's Old Branchline returns.
  • Tidmouth Harbor returns.
  • LAW Branchline returns.
  • Ffarquhar Yards & Station returns.

Season 23Edit

Season 23 is currently in development but there were promos, posters, and leaked development pictures floating around. But it supposed to focused on DJ's original island and old places on Sodor that haven't been reintroduced yet. Grant, Janiya, Clarke, Alania, Maurice, Nate, Logan, Regine, Jane, Jeff, Zeke, Josh, Jahiem, Xavier, and Riley are scheduled to appear. Isabella was hinted when the creator referred to Tales of A Tail. The Island Quarry from Season 1 was confirmed to return but with different layouts.

Chase, Cameron, Avery, Melanie, Simeon, Miles, and Elizabeth may return also.


  • Summit Station returns
  • Elsbridge Yards returns
  • Tidmouth Station returns
  • Crovan's Gates Station returns
  • Cookie Shipping Factory returns
  • Stone Bridge returns