Nick and Phoebe is the sixth episode of the sixteenth season.


It was beautiful morning on Wright Island, Nick was taking his daily rest when Phoebe puffed in.

(brakes squeak)

Nick: That doesn't sound like a pleasant sound.

Phoebe: I know I was pulling cement and brick yesterday with Keandre and I'm tired.

Nick: Take a little rest you really need it.

Phoebe: Thanks.

Phoebe slowly puff in her berth when she was about to close her eyes, the Female Controller came in with urgent news.

FC: Phoebe, you need to take some pipes, coal, and


  • Nick
  • Phoebe
  • Louise
  • DJ
  • Female Controller
  • Desera (cameo)
  • Keandre (mentioned)


  • Wright Sheds
  • Alpine Mountain
  • Wright Yards
  • Hillside Ruins

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