Phoebe is a tender engine.

Some attributes
First GER D56
Second James Holden and Frederick V. Russell
Third Stratford Works
Other attributes
Fourth 4-4-0


Phoebe is funny, cheery, and crazy tender engine. She mainly be seen with Desiree, Nick, Louise, Will, Troy, Aaron, Emily, Elizabeth, Chassidy, DJ, Alexandria, and Serenity.

Bio in the television seriesEdit

In the movie, Phoebe be mainly seen around Desiree, Nick, or Louise since they're like bestest friends in the whole island. She is very friendly to new engines and kind to the old engines. She knows how the lines go and how the way it should be done.

In the television series, Phoebe became more of an anti-hero because she would be critizing DJ calling him "The Green Creepier."


Phoebe is a white color with purple lining


Phoebe is a Great Eastern Railway D56 Claud Hamilton.



  • Season 16 - Bennie Knows All, Ochochi and the Choir (cameo), Jaylen and Jalen (cameo), Silence Doesn't Clear The Smokes (does not speak), Nick and Phoebe, Eric and the Express, DJ and Aaron, Peace and Quiet, Aaron Pulls The Goods Train, and Hillside Accident
  • Season 17 - Alex and the Monster of Wright Railway, The Silver Lining (cameo), Donya the Diesel, Louise The Great, DJ Helps Out, Aaron take the Longway (cameo), Dillion Made A Mistake, and Heroes (does not speak)
  • Season 18 - Danger Ahead, Eric and Bennie, Moving On, Jalen and Darrell, The Flood, Jalen's Troublesome Plans, Bennie and the Special Special and The DJ Way (cameo)
  • Season 19 - DJ and the Diesel, Phoebe Stays, Haley and Phoebe, Trading Place, and The Big Christmas Party


Video GamesEdit


  • Phoebe shows fondness to Aaron.
  • Phoebe always bother Aaron like he is her older brother.