This is the fifthteen season of DJ and Friends. This is the fourth season using CGI animation, this season and on will use a new animation like from The Lebrons and Thomas And Friends.


  1. Gerad, Timothy, and Khari - Gerad the new tender engine arrived to Sodor, he started to hang out with Timothy and it made Khari feel jealous.
  2. Calm Down Clarke - When Clarke was excitied she get to stay the night on Sodor. But the engine was annoy how she got everybody up all night, so the engines told her to do their jobs. But she woke up everybody on Sodor
  3. Carlos and the Special Express - Carlos got the job to take a special express with Queen of Sodor. But Noah and DJ warn him about his cylinders rattling, but he didn't listen. When he went up Carlos Hill, his cylinders and engine burst and he was stucked on the hill.
  4. Jalen Pull The Special Express - Jalen came to rescue Carlos on the hill, he toke the express then he was going to fast on the Express Line. When his brakes had broke and slid into a sidings. When Carlos was fix he pul Jalen out of the siding and bring him to Tidmouth Station.
  5. Jerrell, Adalee, and Zoey's Christmas Express -
  6. Riley and Xavier -
  7. Taydeeth's Special Special -
  8. Melanie Takes Charge -
  9. Noah and Malcolm -
  10. Blaise and the Ghost Engine -
  11. Janiya and Logan -
  12. Nate and McKhyla -
  13. Hayden Takes Ownership - Hayden took the blame for DJ for taking the new truck onto a old branchline causing it become filthy.
  14. Bossy Engine - Jackie went bossing around all of the engine and engine start to ignore her advice.
  15. Gerad Helps Out - Gerad helps out Carlos, Blaise, and Jalen with the express.
  16. The Accident - Courtney and SaDajah arrive to Sodor but they made bunch of accidents.
  17. The Best Friend Story - About stories: DJ, J'Von, and Hayden, Blaise, Carlos, and Jalen, Ikia and Alliyah, and Clarke, Aleasha, and Kyona.


  1. DJ
  2. Noah
  3. Jalen
  4. Carlos
  5. Blaise
  6. Hayden
  7. J'Von
  8. Kelvon
  9. Timothy
  10. Khari
  11. Jackie
  12. Gerad
  13. Clarke
  14. Aleasha
  15. Kyona
  16. Ikia
  17. Emily
  18. Boch Island Engines
  19. Aliyah
  20. DeQuan
  21. Shavon
  22. Xavier
  23. Riley
  24. Regine
  25. Oscar
  26. Haley
  27. Avery
  28. Isabella
  29. Narrow Gauge Engine
  30. Taydeeth
  31. Janiya
  32. Logan
  33. Nate
  34. Melanie
  35. Malcolm
  36. Cameron
  37. Brice
  38. Naccodda
  39. Oliver
  40. King Robert Darwin
  41. Niria
  42. Alania
  43. McKhyla
  44. Da'dra

Returning EngineEdit

  1. Oscar (since Season 11)
  2. Anthony (since Season 13)

New EngineEdit

  1. SaDajah
  2. Charles
  3. Courtney
  4. Armoni



  • This will mark DJ, Courtney, SaDajah, Charles, Anthony, Armoni, and Da'dra last appearence in the Season 15 but returned in the end of Season 18.
  • There will a spin-off to replace Season 16-17.