Season 16 is the new season of DJ and Friends spin-off, Wright Railway. Only feature 12 episode in the first season.


  1. Bennie Knows All - When Bennie told the engine about the warning on the higher level.
  2. Ohajee and the Choir - Ohajee had to take the Wright Chorus Choir to the festival but leads to trouble with different tracks.
  3. Jaylen and Jalen - Jaylen and Jalen tried to fool the Female Controller so they don't have to take the Old Messy Tugboat.
  4. Silence Doesn't Clear The Smokes - DJ and other engines did a challenge to move without puffing a single cloud of smoke.
  5. Eric and the Express - Eric gets to pull the express for Aaron.
  6. Nick and Phoebe - Nick have to help Phoebe on Alpine Mountain.
  7. Keandre the Grand - Keandre gets to be the rescue engine of the day to find Desiree in the fog.
  8. DJ and Aaron - DJ and Aaron have to race competition
  9. DJ and the Snowman - DJ took a icy line and race through a snowman.
  10. Peace and Quiet - Bennie was tired of the engine complaining and told the engine to be quiet for the rest of the day.
  11. Aaron Pulls The Goods Train - Aaron have to pull a goods train since Eric took his express.
  12. Hillside Accident - The engine had to go to Hillside Ruins to take a heavy load when a series of accidents happen.


  1. DJ
  2. Ohajee
  3. Jalen
  4. Aaron
  5. Jaylen
  6. Darrell
  7. Bennie
  8. Eric
  9. Nick
  10. Louise
  11. Alex
  12. Desiree
  13. Phoebe
  14. Dillion
  15. Keandre
  16. Chassidy
  17. Megan
  18. Samuel
  19. Donya
  20. Jordan
  21. Courtney
  22. SaDajah
  23. Anthony
  24. Chase
  25. Da'dra
  26. The Female Controller
  27. Hayden (mentioned)
  28. J'Von (mentioned​)
  29. Jalen (mentioned​)
  30. Carlos (mentioned​)
  31. Blaise (mentioned​)
  32. Jackie (mentioned​)
  33. Timothy & Khari (mentioned​)
  34. Noah (mentioned​)
  35. Kelvon (mentioned​)
  36. Haley (mentioned​)