Tales of a Tail is a new special that will be loosely based off Season 20 but majority of Season 19 and 17.


Two new engines arrived to Sodor, Jaboree and Jaffey, the manager want Sir Topham Hatt to send some of his engine and the Female Controller to the Sodor Quarry. They chosen DJ, Hayden, Blaise, and Briana to go to the Sodor Quarry. When they arrive to the quarry it was the old and run down then the manager mentioned about a monster with a big tail in the quarry but the engine didn't believe it. At some part of development, they announce that Chase, J'Von, Carlos, the Little Engines, Rocquel, Michael, and Brianna will have a major role in the movie. They announce that Ikia, Alliyah, Emily, Clarke, Aleasha, Isabella, Shavon, DeQuan, McKhyla, Jalen, Jaylen, Ja'Len, Jay, Noah, Haley, and Bennie will might appear and Kelvon, Ohajee, and Aaron will return but as a cameo. December 28, it was announce Collin, Jayla, Kasia, Alexis, Elizabeth, and Josh will appear. Darrell, KeAndre, Brent, Phoebe, Nick, Louise, Desiree, Timothy, Khari, Jamari, and Cameron will have a recurring role in the movie. Brantzen, Carson, Ashley, Justin, and Sydney will have a major role too. Many engines will have new modifications and some will have missings part to their original model. Della will appear again since Season 6 and Tyron will appear in the movie too. Amanda and Amorni will have a non-speaking role.


  1. DJ
  2. Noah (possibly)
  3. Jalen (possibly)
  4. Carlos
  5. Blaise
  6. Hayden
  7. J'Von
  8. Kelvon (cameo)
  9. Timothy & Khari
  10. Della
  11. Haley (possibly)
  12. McKhyla (possibly)
  13. Clarke (possibly)
  14. Aleasha (possibly)
  15. Little Engine (possibly)
  16. Isabella (possibly)
  17. Shavon (possibly)
  18. DeQuan (possibly)
  19. Ikia (possibly)
  20. Alliyah (possibly)
  21. Emily (possibly)
  22. Michael
  23. Jay (possibly)
  24. Josh
  25. Cameron
  26. Sir Topham Hatt
  27. Female Controller
  28. Jaboree
  29. Jaffey
  30. Carson
  31. Ohajee (cameo)
  32. Jaylen (possibly)
  33. Brantzen
  34. Aaron (cameo)
  35. Ja'Len (possibly)
  36. Bennie (possibly)
  37. Nick & Louise
  38. Tyron
  39. Darrell
  40. Brianna
  41. Briana
  42. Justin
  43. Sydney
  44. Ashley
  45. Phoebe
  46. Desiree
  47. KeAndre
  48. Jamari
  49. Brent
  50. Collin
  51. Jayla
  52. Kasia
  53. Alexis
  54. Elizabeth
  55. Rocquel 
  56. Amanda
  57. Amorni
It might be a possible that Eric, Taydeeth, and Anthony will appearEdit


  • Sodor Quarry
  • Wright Quarry
  • Tidmouth Sheds
  • Brendam Docks
  • Mine Mountain Quarry
  • CFI Quarry
  • Wright Yards
  • Dryaw Station
  • Darwin Station
  • Ulfstead Castle
  • Wright Railway
  • Boch Island Quarry
  • Wright Docks
  • Shunting Yards