Tidmouth Sheds are the main engine sheds on Sodor. In the Railway Stories, it is shown as a shed with three or four rails leading in (the illustrations were inconsistent), but in later books it was depicted as a shed enclosing ten berths around a turntable. In the television series, the sheds were replaced by a roundhouse with a turntable at the front.

During the events of DJ and the Magic Railway , the left side of the sheds was being repaired for unknown reasons.

The sheds were rebuilt in Calling All Friends  with a new architectural style and an extra berth for McKhyla and JaneCameronSavion , and Qulik  were put in charge of building them, but DJ , believing they were destroying it, sabotaged the three, causing the engines to sleep elsewhere until it was repaired.


  • Many other engine including Diesel engine slept in Tidmouth Sheds.